From the creator of brand "Sadali Fit&tattoo"

A new trend in the world of sports fashion from Rio.
Carioca's style in sports clothes "Sadali Fit & tattoo"

Each designer, at a certain point in his life, gets inspired by something special, there is a desire to create a new collection. It happened in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, in Rio de Janeiro. It has impressed me with the beauty of nature, the palette of colors and of course the happy and serene people. Brazilians are amazing people, they know how to enjoy life. Here a special attitude to the beauty and aesthetics of the body. 90% of the population has got an active lifestyle. Sport is not only a fashion but a daily lifestyle. This is facilitated by a favorable climate. The sun and numerous beaches create the motivation to demonstrate a sporty and beautiful body. Therefore Carioca (native inhabitants of Rio) not only takes care of health, a beautiful sports body but also decorates it with beautiful tattoos.


Living among these people, observing and permeating their values and preferences, I have noted a number of features of their lifestyle. And then I had an excellent idea to create such clothes for sports, which will reflect the individuality of Carioca's style.
The peculiarity of Sadali Fit & tattoo sportswear is not only the high quality of world standards but also an exclusive style with tattoo elements - an illusion that leaves no one indifferent.
This is definitely a breakthrough in the world of sports fashion. With great joy, I inform you that now you can appreciate and feel the rapturous glances of others when you are doing sports in "Sadali Fit & tattoo" clothes.


Elena Sadykova,

Fashion designer of the Exclusive lifestyle brand of Sport Chic clothes "Sadali Fit&tattoo" 


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